English Word Fun

English Word Fun is a vocabulary practice app that aims to increase vocabulary knowledge for beginner and early intermediate proficient English language learners (preschool – Grade 5).  Our app includes four games, so English learners have fun and stay motivated while acquiring new words.  Bingo and Star Fall measure learners’ accuracy skills.  Word Race and Bubble Pop measure learners’ fluency skills.  English Word Fun includes vocabulary words that beginner and early intermediate English learners need to learn in order to become successful speakers of the English language.  Our app includes over 200 vocabulary words comprising of animals, body parts, classroom furniture, clothing, family, feelings, food, school supplies, transportation, and verbs. English Word Fun is one of the only English as a second language (ESL) apps created by a former ESL teacher!










English Word Fun is compatible with iPad and is available on the App Store!   





Throughout English Word Fun, directions are both spoken and displayed in simple sentences making this app easy to use and understand. All displayed words are at a kindergarten to first grade reading level. In addition, authentic language is used throughout the app helping to develop learners’ language skills.  Colorful, child friendly images as well as animations make English Word Fun entertaining to play!

New features coming soon:

      Grammar games!