I’m Alicia Kaye, an English Language Learner (ELL) teacher turned curriculum developer dedicated to helping ELL teachers give quality instruction in the classroom.

When I was a novice ELL teacher, I struggled with creating an effective curriculum for my students.  I searched for resources from a variety of workbooks and websites which took a lot of time and effort on top of my other teaching responsibilities. 

I often felt lost and isolated because I had no other ELL colleagues to collaborate with.  During my experience, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was one website with an effective curriculum and all of the resources I need, especially for ELL teachers who feel alone and lack support?”.  Now my dream is coming true! 

Throughout my ten year career, I often replaced teachers who were not certified in teaching ELL students- which made me realize that Non-Certified ELL teachers are instructing ELL students with little experience or training.     

I am on a mission to support Non-Certified as well as Certified ELL teachers by creating a curriculum and resources that work.  They are designed based on my own experience after years of testing what works and what doesn’t.  Our resources are also Common Core compliant. 

I am also providing a training program to educate Non-Certified ELL teachers and help ELL teachers brush up on their skills.  Our curriculum, resources, and training program are created to support and empower teachers by giving quality instruction in the classroom so that you and your students rise to success.

My Background

As a child, National Geographic Magazine captivated me.  The beauty and exoticness of Africa were my favorite stories, and I’d often dream of the adventures I would have there.

After I earned my B.S. in Psychology and Special Education, my African dreams came true when I ventured to Nairobi, Kenya to teach at an impoverished elementary school.  

I was determined to learn Swahili, one of Kenya’s official languages, which often left me feeling lonely and isolated because I did not understand what was being said around me. This made it easier to relate to my students, however, as English was a new language for them!

Not only did my students have a strong desire to learn English, but many adults within the community did as well.  I was often asked for lessons on grammar or vocabulary and began to realize the importance of being a fluent English speaker in the world and the opportunities it opened.

When I returned to the U.S., I pursued a Master’s in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and became an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. Throughout my ten-year career I felt compassionate towards people who journey to the U.S. to better their lives without knowing the language or culture.  My compassion inspired me to create an app that would make learning English accessible to a wider audience.

Along with my passion for teaching English, I live in a cozy cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with my husband and our adventurous black lab, Lucy.  I revel in the beauty of my surroundings through hiking, biking, and oil painting.